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Carbon Monoxide Awareness

After a number of claims we have seen recently, we thought it worthwhile raising awareness on the dangers and how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Court of Appeal reject claim on behalf of child injured in the womb

In August we reported the case of a child who was severely disabled as a result of her mothers alcohol abuse whilst the baby was a foetus was due to be considered by the court of Appeal.

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Road Safety Week

It is worth highlighting Road Safety Week this week because we see the life changing accident claims from a road accident but on the other side, we also see those charged with driving offences which can lead to road accidents.

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Road Safety Quiz

Try this quiz to test your road safety knowledge...

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Yet more proposed changes to Law Enforcement!

New ways are proposed of holding to account those who commit minor crimes and dropping 'cautions'.

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Government scheme supports asbestos victims and families

A new government scheme is supporting families and victims of asbestos related illness, mesothelioma, even if they have not directly worked with asbestos but been exposed to it during their working career.

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Using a Will after death

According to a recent survey the average cost of services on death, including probate and funeral services, is now £8,427. Figures like this can often put individuals off seeking legal advice.

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One Lawyer has too much energy

Catherine Abbotts first marathon.

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The Dangers of the Web…

Grisham is clear he favours lengthy sentences for ‘real’ paedophiles but expressed concern about the punishment being meted out to ‘lesser’ offences.

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Danger of Rural Roads

The dangers of driving on country roads are highest and account for almost two thirds of road deaths.

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