🎃👻 Staying the right side of the law on Halloween 👻🎃

31st October 2023

🎃👻 Staying the right side of the law on Halloween 👻🎃

With the arrival of the much-anticipated Halloween festivities, it is important to be well-informed to ensure that a ghoulish extravaganza does not turn into a horror show. With that in mind we have put together some thoughts on how things work legally.

👻 Trick or Treat Etiquette: Whilst no specific statutory provisions regulate the designated hours for trick-or-treating, it is essential to respect the privacy and property of others during these activities. We advise sticking to generally acceptable hours, typically between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm, to ensure a harmonious neighbourhood. While Halloween is fun for many, for others it is not – particularly the more elderly (who may view the celebration of all things demonic as rather against their upbringing and tastes). If trick or treating, always be polite and respect the choices of those who may not wish to participate.

🎃 Civil Conduct and Vandalism: Any act of vandalism, public disorder or damage to property during Halloween is an offence and could lead to the involvement of the police. Just because it is Halloween the law does not change. Engaging in activities such as graffiti, damage to property, pumpkin destruction, or any form of public nuisance may result in legal consequences, which could include arrest and prosecution.

👻 Firework Regulations: Given the proximity of Halloween to Bonfire Night and the availability of fireworks to buy, it is crucial to understand the legal restrictions concerning the use of fireworks. You should only purchase fireworks from licensed vendors and stick to the rules governing their use. As always, be aware not only that pyrotechnics are inherently dangerous to both the user and others but also that animals and find then terrifying. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in legal penalties and potential liability for any resulting damages.

As ever, the devil is in the detail (!) and we urge all members of our community to observe these legal boundaries to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and legally compliant Halloween experience for all.

Wishing you a spooky and law-abiding Halloween! 🧛‍♂️🕸️

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