My child has received a caution – What does this mean? What do I do?

28th June 2021

My child has received a caution – What does this mean? What do I do?

This is undoubtedly a very worrying time for you and your family and now is the time to seek legal advice about what has happened.

In certain circumstances, the receiving of a police caution can be the correct result in a police investigation. However, there will also be times when such an action is inappropriate because an offence has not been committed or there is insufficient evidence.

Was your child arrested or did they volunteer themselves to the police station? Were you the appropriate adult who attended the police interview with them? Did they have someone else as an appropriate adult? What was the evidence put to them in the interview? Were they offered the opportunity to have a solicitor? How was a police caution arranged and what was agreed?

Every parent wants to do their best for their child, and it is important to ensure that the police have carried out correct procedure and that a police caution should have been accepted as the correct decision. If it was improperly administered, then we can help you to apply to have it removed.

Since 28 November 2020 a warning, reprimand or youth caution will not be automatically disclosed on a standard or enhanced DBS check of criminal records, regardless of the offence. However, a youth caution can still appear on the Police National Computer database and so it is very important that if it is going to remain against your child’s name that it was properly administered.

We can provide legal advice before your son or daughter goes to the police station and we can represent their best interests at the station. We can contact the police officer dealing with the matter and request information about the offence they are looking at and then come back to your child and you to discuss it further. There is no substitute for being properly informed regarding the allegation being made.

We all want the best for our children. We want them to make the most of opportunities and to have the best possible chance in life. One tiny moment has the possibility of closing a number of opportunities and restricting their chances. Do not let that happen. Make sure you receive legal help from our professional, experienced and understanding team. We are here to support you and your child.

Contact Matthew Swash on 01473 298181 or email [email protected].

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