Straws and Gaffa tape

July 9, 2015

Rugby: Week 4 The finale. What had gone before counted for nothing. This is what mattered. The last week of Ipswich Rugby Club’s Touch Rugby Tournament. Our firm’s...

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Rugby: Maybe…. Just Maybe?

Let’s start with team news. The injury count at the end of the last week’s games was impressive. Especially for what is, in essence, a non-contact version of the game. You could hear limbs...

 July 2, 2015

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When cosmetic surgery goes wrong

In a world where we face increasing pressures to improve our appearance or reverse the effects of ageing, more and more of us are electing to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery such...

 June 29, 2015

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Rugby…yep, still not so good

Week 2. And the squad was transforming. Jack “The Quicker” Rutherford had suffered a knee injury, and couldn’t play, so he was replaced by another of Mark’s friends,...

 June 25, 2015

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Suffolk Show Sponsorship

After three wet and windy years, a day of glorious sunshine at the Suffolk Show! Packed avenues taking in the livestock judging, ice creams, show jumping, amazing riding...

 June 2, 2015

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Hadleigh Show Sponsorship

A glorious sunny day at Holbeck Park for the 176th Hadleigh Show. Magnificent display of heavy horses, a great range of cattle and sheep for judging, donkeys and...

 May 18, 2015

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Suffolk’s Alton Water Run

Sunday saw an intrepid team of Gotelee runners tackle the picturesque, yet tough 5km and 10km courses of the Alton Water Run. A great run in aid of raising funding the...

 May 12, 2015

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