Why use a local personal injury lawyer instead of a national one?

13th December 2016

Why use a local personal injury lawyer instead of a national one?

If you’ve suffered injury as a result of an accident which may have been caused by someone else’s negligence, then you should ensure that you receive professional legal advice to assess whether or not you should pursue a claim for compensation.

Cost effective

We will provide an initial face to face assessment free of charge and without obligation. If we agree to take your case on following that assessment, we will act on a No Win No Fee basis meaning that you will be fully protected against having to pay anything out of your own pocket.

Assessment of your case

If you were suffering from a medical condition, we trust that you would rather see a local doctor than discuss your condition with someone hundreds of miles away over the phone or by email.
The initial assessment of your potential claim is very important and professional legal advice from a local personal injury lawyer will always increase the accuracy of that initial assessment and ensure that, wherever appropriate, a claim for compensation is pursued.
At Gotelee, our team of personal injury solicitors have been representing the local communities in Ipswich and across Suffolk for many years. We are able to meet with you at one of our 4 offices in Suffolk or can visit you at your home or in hospital. We pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly and will always provide clear legal advice. You will be treated as a person and not a file number.

Local knowledge

Our personal injury solicitors have been representing clients in the Ipswich County Court and other local courts for many years. Furthermore, we are able to attend the locations throughout Suffolk and the surrounding regions to investigate accident circumstances and to collect evidence. Often, photographs or video footage of the accident scene taken after the event can be the deciding factor in succeeding with a claim. Recently, we helped a client succeed with her claim against a local council as we were able to get to the scene soon after the accident and record video footage showing how dangerous the area was before the Council repaired it (which they did very soon after).

Assessment of your injuries

With Personal Injury claims, a face to face meeting is essential as this ensures that we are able to properly assess and record the severity of your injury and the impact that it is having on your life, not only medically but financially and socially. This also allows us to assess if there is any early need for rehabilitation or treatment and ensures that we can put in place a plan for reviewing medical records and arranging an appointment with a suitable local medical expert to report on your injuries, the prognosis and any recommendations for future treatment. If the injury is preventing you from working, we can also make sure that an early request for an interim payment is made to cover any loss of earnings already incurred.

Clear and quick advice

You should be able to meet with your solicitor and get to know the expert dealing with your case. You will have the advantage of face-to-face meetings where you can ask questions, get immediate replies and ask for clarity where necessary. We will always respond to emails and return phone calls promptly.
You have the convenience of calling in to a local office or if you telephone you will speak to the individual solicitor handling your case, not a call centre.

Independent and impartial representation

Often, your (motor or home) insurance company will try and refer you to one of their panel solicitors if you report an accident. Your insurance company will have a business arrangement with the solicitors and those solicitors will be a large, national firm dealing with nearly all of the insurance company’s customers. Therefore, they have a very high volume and turnover of cases and, as such, will tend to only take on more straightforward or higher value cases. Furthermore, because their business models rely on cases being settled quickly, they will often be keen to settle claims as quickly as possible in order to increase their profit margins rather than fight for fair compensation on your behalf. We often receive complaints from people who feel that their insurer’s solicitors have either dropped their claim prematurely or pressured them into settling their claim for less than they are entitled to.

In addition, this means that many people often get told that they do not have a good enough chance of winning their claim to justify further action and many people will then often accept that assessment and take their case no further. However, we have taken on cases that have previously been rejected by other firms and successfully recovered compensation for the client.

How can our Personal Injury Lawyers help?

If you have been injured in an accident and feel that it was somebody else’s fault, then we would encourage you to consider contacting Suffolk firm, Gotelee Solicitors, for an initial assessment of your case, in order to avoid the chances of (a) having your case unreasonably rejected or dropped; (b) having your claim settled at an undervalue; or (c) suffering from a poor level of client service.

Contact Stevan Stratton on 01473 298111 or at stevan.stratton@gotelee.co.uk for more information.

We also have offices in Ipswich, Melton, Hadleigh, Felixstowe and Woodbridge where you can arrange to meet with one of our expert lawyers.

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