Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

If you or your business are owed debts of over £600, we can offer a simple no-fuss solution to the problem.
We offer an efficient, tried and tested process for chasing “bad payers” which provided by our lpswich based Dispute Team.

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What do we do?

We will send a Letter Before Action to your debtor, warning them that court action will be taken unless payment is made without further delay.

In the event that the debtor fails to pay or respond to the letter, we will swiftly issue a Court claim on your behalf in respect of the debt, interest, fixed legal costs and any compensation to which you may be entitled.

Once we have obtained the Court Judgment we will arrange to instruct a High Court Enforcement Officer to arrange to attend upon the debtor’s premises. They will try to obtain payment from the debtor or otherwise seize any goods belonging to the debtor to sell to realise the debt.

What will it cost?

We ensure our Debt Recovery Service is cost effective for you by discussing with you a range of funding options including Fixed Fees and No Recovery – No Fee to determine which option best suits your needs.

Why choose Gotelee to deal with your Debt Recovery?

In addition to our expertise and competitive fees, at Gotelee solicitors, we are committed to providing you with a complete service and excellent client care.

We recognise that every case is different, and our experience means that we are able advise you as to the most effective method available to enforce the court judgment and achieve repayment of the debt, whether that be by obtaining a charging order against the debtor’s property, obtaining an attachment of earnings order so that you are repaid directly by the debtor’s employer from their earnings, by obtaining a third party debt order whereby you are repaid by the debtor’s bank from money directly from their account, or by bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings on a fixed fee basis wherever possible.

We are also able to arrange for debtor’s who have gone missing to be traced, swiftly and at a cost much less than you might expect.

We will keep you updated as to the progress of your case without you needing to chase us.

For more information about Gotelee’s Debt Recovery Service, or for a no obligation discussion about how we could help, please contact Laura Read on 01473 298166 or email

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