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Holiday pay

Do workers lose the right to a payment in lieu of holiday at the end of their employment if they did not try to take it? No, said...

 January 15, 2019

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Dismissal for long term sickness

Can an employer dismiss an employee for capability reasons when they are contractually entitled to long term disability benefits? No, not fairly, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has said...

 January 14, 2019

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Redundancy trial periods

Is it unfair not to offer a trial period for a more junior role even if the employee did not complain at the time? Yes, if it is...

 January 10, 2019

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Part-time workers’ pay

Is it unfair to pay an employee 50 % of full-time pay for being on duty for 53.5% of the time? Yes, the Court of Appeal said in...

 January 9, 2019

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Unfair dismissal

Is it fair to dismiss an employee in the transport industry who fails a drugs test? Not always, said the employment tribunal recently. Ball v First Essex Buses...

 January 8, 2019

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Are Uber drivers workers?

The Court of Appeal has confirmed this month that Uber drivers are workers rather than self-employed, in Uber v Aslam. The drivers’ contracts described them as independent contractors....

 January 7, 2019

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Local conveyancer joins Gotelee

Gotelee are pleased to welcome Sam Alvin to their conveyancing team. Sam will be based in the Ipswich office.  Sam is a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals...

 December 10, 2018

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Redundancy in 8 Steps

Facing the prospect of losing your job after years of dedicated service to your employer can be particularly devastating. Restructures and reorganisations that result in redundancies are part...

 December 10, 2018

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