Pre-nups – no big deal!

27th February 2014

Pre-nups – no big deal!

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Having a pre-nup should be a held as a positive thing.  We are all encouraged to plan our future for all eventualities so why not this?

Until today, pre-nups have been taken into account on divorce but have not been legally binding.  They were often considered for the rich and famous but we have found here at Gotelee’s, that more and more couples are looking to them to protect assets in the event of a marriage breakdown and there is less stigma attached to them.  The outcome of the Law Commission review was to be recommended that, subject to certain conditions, pre-nups should be automatically enforced by the courts on divorce.

Many may consider it unromantic to consider a pre-nup prior to marriage and some think that it might jinx the marriage.  This is not the case and it is certainly not what we are seeing from our clients. Thinking ahead and discussing financial plans can help couples to understand how the other is thinking and avoid future disputes because of misunderstandings. As with preparing a Will, legally planning for the worst eventuality does not mean you wish it to happen.

None of know our future, so if you would like to protect yourself with a pre-nup, we can advise you and help you.  A pre-nup should be done well in advance of the marriage in order to avoid any suggestion of duress.

If one of our team of solicitors in Ipswich or Hadleigh can help, please contact us on 01473 211121.

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