Unsafe hoverboards at Port of Felixstowe

23rd December 2015

Unsafe hoverboards at Port of Felixstowe

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There has been somewhat of a media frenzy of late with regards to the safety of hover boards arriving in the UK from the Far East. Amazon and Ebay have both been forced to issue large numbers of safety warnings as well as product recalls.

Retailers both big and small seem to have been caught out by both a surge in demand and an apparent dip in quality with regards to these products. The main issue appears to be that the charging units are missing an automatic shut off (such as you would find in your usual devices at home like your telephone or laptop computer) which should prevent the lithium battery overheating and possibly causing a fire.

Trading Standards have deemed them unsafe

An estimated 32,000 gadgets of this type have been deemed unsafe and detained at Felixstowe by Trading Standards. Legitimate traders hoping to cash in on the craze have imported items from China only to discover they do not meet the safety requirements. Having these items detained and destroyed by enforcement authorities can have a devastating financial impact on businesses.

Route 1S holds

Any shipment subject to a route 1S hold will have an additional financial burden and we have expertise in this field. For advice on any of these matters please contact Howard Catherall.

How can our solicitors help you when products, like hoverboards, are stopped by trading standards at the Port?

Gotelee represented a large online operator and secured the release of £80,000 worth of hover boards from the Port of Felixstowe in order for them to be sent back to the manufacturer, rather than destroyed. The implications of having the products destroyed would have been significant for an expanding business which employs local people.  If we can help you with similar trading matters, call 01473 298190 or email [email protected]

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