Our Client Promise

Our Client Promise

We are committed to providing all clients with the highest levels of courtesy and service. With this in mind, we promise that:

When contacting us for the first time

Our reception will be welcoming, friendly, approachable and professional.
Our staff will be helpful and courteous and will make every effort to put you at ease.
When you visit our reception with a new enquiry, someone will see you to discuss your needs within 5 minutes or if that is not possible, we will take your details and someone will contact you within 3 hours.
When you telephone us with a new enquiry, you will be able to speak to a lawyer or secretary.
If the matter is urgent you will be able to see a lawyer before the end of the next working day.
When you contact us by email we will contact you within one working day.

Our relationship with you

We will assign you with a lawyer who will be your personal contact.
You will be given direct telephone numbers and email addresses for your lawyer and their secretary.
If you telephone us and leave a message we will call you back within 3 working hours.
If the person you want to speak to is unavailable, you will be told when they will call you back.

When visiting our offices for a meeting

You will always be offered a parking space for pre-arranged appointments at our Ipswich Office.
We will always speak and write to you in plain English

The fees we will charge for our service

We will give you a fixed price in advance whenever it is possible to do so.
When we give you a fixed price for our fees, we will keep to it.
In cases where it is not feasible to give you a fixed price, we will give you a best estimate of what it will cost you.
Should anything alter we will contact you before we incur any additional costs.

What we need from you to provide excellent service

Be clear about your needs, expectations and timescales.
Respond to our questions as soon as you can
Let us know as soon as possible if anything changes.
Let us know if you feel we are not providing you with a service you expected.


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"Clarity and speed. A refreshing absence of legal jargon and gobblodygook!"

- PS

"The down to earth manner of the solicitors."

- GN

"Not too formal - felt like a chat with a friend."

- JG

"As your entire service was excellent, it is not possible to single out anything special to mention."

- AH

"A big firm with a local touch!"

- RG

"Great service, never made things complicated!"

- JW

"Warm friendly service with clear responses to all my questions."

- BF

"Mr Rowland was sincere, approachable, understanding and professional throughout."

- GD

"Personal, prompt, caring and communication by email was excellent."

- Anonymous

"Feeling at ease knowing that they were putting my best interests first."

- Anonymous

Please select preferred method of contact

* We will only contact you by telephone if you select this as primary form of contact.