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Our personal injury solicitors specialise in representing people who have had accidents that are no fault of their own.

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Case Study – Asbestos-related case

Our expertise in asbestos-related cases led to a man in his 70s contacting us to investigate his claim against his first employer, for whom he worked as an apprentice electrician in the 1950s. The job involved working in areas with asbestos lagging.

The client had recently been diagnosed with a lung condition called pleural thickening, caused as a result of his exposure to the deadly substance.

How Gotelee helped:

The first step was to find out if the company where he worked still existed and then to identify the firm’s insurers during the period of his employment.

As a result, we managed to trace two potential insurance companies, before obtaining the client’s medical records and a report from a specialist in respiratory disease, which confirmed the illness was caused by exposure to asbestos.

A formal letter of claim was sent to the insurers, together with evidence of the client’s employment and a copy of the medical report.

Both insurers accepted that our client had been exposed to asbestos in the 1950s but argued his respiratory problems could be caused by other lifestyle factors and his age.

We therefore had to obtain further medical evidence to be able to convince the insurers that all of the client’s symptoms were the result of the negligent asbestos exposure – and that had he not been exposed he would not be suffering from his current ill health.

This led to an out of court settlement of £40,000 in compensation for the client along with our costs.


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