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Contracts of Employment and Employment Rights

An employment contract sets out the terms and conditions under which you work for your employer, including the hours of work, salary or hourly rate, as well as other more complex details.

Gotelee’s team of employment law experts can advise you on:

  • the terms of your employment contract
  • your rights if you don’t receive a contract of employment
  • what you can do if your employer wants to make changes to your contract.

Statement of terms and particulars of employment

Your employer must give you a ‘written statement of employment particulars’ if the employment contract lasts at least a month or more. This isn’t an employment contract but will include the main conditions of employment.

Your employer must provide you with the written statement within two months of the start of your employment.

If your employer changes any of those terms, you should receive an updated statement within a month. If you haven’t received a written statement or contract of employment and there is a dispute about any of your terms of employment, our team of specialist employment law solicitors can help you.

Service agreements

A service agreement clarifies the relationship between the director and the company, outlining their duties and responsibilities and helping to prevent any conflicts of interest further down the line.

Gotelee regularly helps directors and senior executives ensure they fully understand how the terms of the contract, including restrictive covenants, will affect them. If you are a director, we can help you negotiate better terms if the service agreement seems to be one-sided.

Changes to your employment contract

Sometimes, your employer may want to make a change to your employment contract – potentially affecting your duties, pay or benefits.

If you are unhappy with your new terms or if you find that changes have been made without consultation, our lawyers can help. Gotelee’s employment law solicitors can write to your employer, negotiate on your behalf and help you with any claims you may wish to bring.

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