Unfair Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal – individuals

Unfair Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal – individuals

If you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, or if you have been treated in a way which gives you no alternative but to leave (constructive dismissal), Gotelee Solicitors’ team of specialist employment Solicitors in Ipswich, Hadleigh, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Melton, Suffolk can help you.

Whether the issue is about your performance, an allegation of misconduct, your healthredundancy or something else, your employer must follow a fair procedure.  This ordinarily requires an investigation and a meeting or meetings with you to discuss the problem or concern.  In advance of this you should be told clearly what the issue is.  You should also receive any documentation or information which your employer will refer to or rely on at a subsequent hearing or meeting. You have the right to have a work colleague or trade union representative present at any formal hearing.  You should be given the opportunity to respond to the concerns raised and the decision should be reasonable and fair, following a thorough investigation.  You should also be given a right of appeal.

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How we can help

We can help you assess whether the reason to dismiss you was fair.  We can tell you if the procedure followed was flawed.  If your dismissal was unwarranted or the process was unfair, we can tell you what your options are and how to deal with the situation, so that you achieve the best outcome for you. You might want to try and get re-instated or re-engaged into your job. You may just want to be compensated, so you do not end up out of pocket.

In some cases, you may have been treated in a way which destroys the trust you should have in your employer or which makes your working situation untenable.  You may be thinking about resigning and claiming that you have been constructively dismissed.  You should always take advice from us – you may have been treated badly, but the law will not always agree that this amounts to a constructive dismissal.  Far better for you to know the position rather than resign then take advice, only to find that you jumped ship too soon.  Again, our experienced solicitors can help you

You only have a limited time in which to make a claim of unfair dismissal to an Employment Tribunal.  Our Employment Solicitors in Ipswich, Suffolk have an excellent track record in resolving unfair dismissal claims quickly and efficiently.  We are talented negotiators and will try to negotiate a settlement without the need to start an Employment Tribunal claim.  If negotiation is unsuccessful or does not achieve an offer of compensation which fairly reflects the losses that you are likely to suffer, you can rest assured that all of our solicitors are experienced and talented tribunal advocates. You will have the right team at your side when pursuing your claim.

Our charges

As with everything we do, our charges are very reasonable and tailored to the work that you would like us to do.  In the vast majority of cases, we will agree a fixed fee for your work, so that you can safely budget, with no fear of receiving an unexpected bill from us.

What to do next

Contact our team of employment Solicitors in Ipswich, Hadleigh, Felixstowe, Woodbridge and Melton, Suffolk on 01473 298126 or by email.

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