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Ivana Radovic, as well as a Family solicitor, has completed her Resolution Foundation Family Mediator training. Ivana mediates for couples throughout Suffolk and North-Essex.  Her mediation work includes resolving children arrangements and financial settlements for couples who are separating or divorcing.  

Ivana is able to offer an initial individual meeting at a cost of £75 (inclusive of VAT) in order to give you information about Mediation, the process, expectations and costs involved as well as discussions about other ways of resolving disputes between separating couples. During this process Ivana will also assess whether Mediation is going to be the most suitable way forward for a couple. Although Ivana is not currently able to offer a stand alone MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting) appointment, Ivana can nonetheless arrange for the relevant Court form to be signed off in order to enable a court application to be made to Court.


Why mediation?

Ivana will be able to discuss the mediation process with you when you make contact with her. There are usually lots of questions that are raised about mediation, below are some of the most common questions:

Do I have to meet with my ex?

Usually mediation will involve each of a separated couple speaking to Ivana so that she can assess whether mediation is suitable and, if it is, then a mediation session will be arranged. This would involve both people attending, together with Ivana in one room.  For family mediation this promotes future communication which can be vital, particularly where there are children of the relationship.  Very occasionally mediation can take place with Ivana going between the couple in two separate rooms but this would be rare.

Will the Mediator tell us what we should do?

Ivana will not advise or decide on a dispute but will assist in working through issues and testing out the practical and legal consequences, using her knowledge of 16 years as a Family Solicitor.

If we haven’t been able to agree before wouldn’t it be better now just to go to Court?

The Court process can be seen as producing winners and losers but often can lead to both parties being unhappy with the outcome and both feeling that they have lost.  Control is taken away, added to which the cost of court proceedings, both emotionally and financially, can be extremely draining.  The benefit of mediation is the ability to come to an outcome that is acceptable to both and where this might require some compromise on both parts. Such an outcome is likely to be much more positive and to enable future potential communication with both parties retaining a sense of dignity, respect and avoid acrimony which can be the outcome of court proceedings.

How many sessions will I need?

An average number of sessions might be 2-3.  If there are issues about both finances and children it is more likely that there will be more sessions and an average might be 4-6.  If it becomes clear that the mediation process is not working for you then Ivana will let you know as soon as it becomes apparent. However, there is flexibility which is tailored to each couples’ needs.

How long do the sessions last?

Usually a session will take place for an 1½ hours.  Any longer and the session can become quite draining for all and any shorter does not give sufficient time to go into detail.

Can Ivana mediate when Gotelee have been my solicitors before?

Generally we cannot mediate for our own clients as there would be a conflict of interest.  This would mean that there would be a potential of prejudice in favour of a client that we have acted for and this also means that we cannot provide family advice and assistance to a client who we have previously mediated for.  The mediation process can only work by being transparent and impartial.  If you are an existing client Ivana will be happy to give any assistance in identifying other Mediators who could work with you.

Will there be any reports about what has taken place in mediation?

Ivana will not provide any information to anyone outside of the mediation process unless both participants consent or if there is concern that there is a child at risk.  If an understanding is reached through the mediation process then Ivana will draw up a document setting out the terms that have been resolved and explaining the background, including a summary of the financial information that has been provided if mediation has resolved a financial dispute.  There will be a charge for drawing up this documentation.  That charge would not be more than £200 plus VAT and possibly less if the documentation is less complex.

Can we have a session that fits in with work/childcare?

Ivana can offer sessions Mondays to Fridays and from as early as 8.30am or from 5.00pm at the latest. We have car parking available at the Ipswich office which can assist if you have to travel on/come from work or are collecting/delivering children to and from school or activities.

Do I still need a Solicitor as well as using mediation?

You do not always need your own separate Solicitor and many people can resolve matters through the mediation process and find that they do not need any further advice. This is often the case with children arrangements, Ivana cannot draw up the divorce documents or prepare the financial order with the Court and a Solicitor may be needed to assist. This is because she is not giving advice or representing either person for the court process.  The cost of using such a Solicitor for just these areas is likely to be considerably less than using a Solicitor throughout the whole of the process as opposed to the cost of mediation.

How much does a session cost and who pays?

A 1½ hour session costs £300 plus VAT (£360) and usually the cost of the session is divided between the couple.  Sometimes one person has more income available and, therefore, there may be an agreement that they either pay more or all of the cost.  Sometimes there is a pot of money available from the financial resources of both parties that is put to one side to cover the cost of mediation.  This is something that would be discussed at the initial stage before mediation was entered into. For more details on the process and the full cost breakdown click here.

How can our family mediator help you?

If you would like to discuss the possibility of entering into mediation in Ipswich, Suffolk or Essex then please contact Ivana on 01473 298158.  Ivana will need to check both your name and also the other person’s name to confirm that she is able to assist without there being any conflict.   If, having spoken, you wish to go ahead with mediation then Ivana will need to speak to the other person and so it would be helpful to have details such as daytime telephone contact number/email addresses to hand.  A referral form can be accessed on this link mediation-referral-form and can be used by either Solicitors referring their own clients or can be completed by individuals looking to pursue mediation.

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